Personal Story: Aaron Chang

by Bryan Jennings – Posted on Walking On Water

Aaron Chang has traveled to the far ends of the earth as a world-renowned surf and ocean photographer. His list of professional accomplishments and accolades are impressive. Yet his heart for God, family, and surfing are what we love most about Aaron. Aaron’s son Saxon has been involved in the WOW surf camps, and recently participated in the Surf Marathon.

Aaron says, “It’s difficult as a parent to find activities that are Christ centered that get the balance between activity, fellowship and teaching right. To reach young kids, and particularly young men, this balance is critical to the fostering a sustainable, and real, relationship with Jesus. The WOW team understands this balance and therefore plays a significant role in shaping the character of the participants.”

The surf camps have made a big difference to Aaron’s son, Saxon. “My son has found a group of friends and mentors through WOW that he enjoys being with. Through his involvement with WOW Saxon has found acceptance and recently participated in the Surf Marathon fundraiser through which he experienced the joy of working as a team to achieve a goal; a goal with a bigger purpose than himself.”

In the Surf Marathon, Saxon paddled well on his leg of the paddle. He also exceeded his fundraising goal by nearly 100%, and was awarded for catching the longest wave of the day.

When asked how God has worked through the sport of surfing to impact his life, Aaron replied: “Big question. Do you have a few days to discuss this? God has provided me with an opportunity to share the beauty of his creation through my photography. I am a photographer because I am a surfer.”

Finally, we asked Aaron to offer a word to all of the up and coming surf photographers out there. This is what he said: “God has a plan for you. Remain faithful, work as though your life depends on your photographs, be original, and always be thankful for opportunities regardless how small they might be.”

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“Windansea” by Aaron Chang


“Serenity” by Aaron Chang





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