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This is My Story – Dru Adler

This Is My Story - Dru Adler By Christian Surfers Australia

Surfing On Rocks – Light Speed Epoxy

A few days ago Mason scored a fun little surf session at his favorite pile of rocks. Summer on the North Shore is very slow and the waves are usually flat so this one felt special. Some cool long mini barrels right into the rocks! Filming: Rory Pringle Surfers: Mason...

Aliso Beach Shorebreak: Perfect for Skimboarders but Dangerous for Tourists

Aliso Beach is the most consistent wave in California for Skimboarding. While it can prove to be very dangerous for most, advanced skimboarders find this beach to be the ideal playground. The Shorebreak here is very unforgiving for your average beachgoer and even...

Surfing Explained: Ep1 Understanding Speed and Grip

Surfing Explained: Ep1 Understanding Speed and GripIn the debut episode of Surf Simply's new animated 5 part surf science series, 'Surfing Explained', we explore the science and physics behind how a surfboard generates speed by using water flow and gravity, and how...

Surf & Science

A surfer and a scientist teamed up to create the perfect wave By Jon Cohen | from EMOORE, CALIFORNIA—“You should’ve been here yesterday.” That’s a repeated gag line in The Endless Summer, the classic 1966 documentary that follows...

Water From The Moon

A surfing journey to the heart of the Bono River in Indonesia starring Dede Suryana, Chippa Wilson, Tai Graham, Benji Weatherly, and Arip Mencos. Directed by Arya Subyakto. Assistant Director Carlo Coral & Deska Binarso.

Sea Lone

Stylish surfing on Sri Lankan waves. Presented by Onde Nostre

Here Comes The Sun

Tropical barrels from Cooper Chapman’s latest clip from Zodiac Media Production House.   Videographers: Sam Norwood, Gerhard Engelbrecht Editor: Mark Brightwell Produced by Zodiac Media Production House  



What’s Your Excuse?

ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship by Courtney Russell With the start of any New Year it is important to reflect on all that you have in your life. It seems as though people are always blaming their circumstances for who they are today and what they have been...
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